Moore River Lamb...Grass raised and grass finished Organically-grown lamb.





All Natural

‘Moore River Lamb’ is a boutique sheep-meat production enterprise at ‘Mulla Mulla Farm’, a 4,000 acre farming property in Koojan, south east of Dandaragan, in Western Australia – a 1.5 hour drive north of Perth.  We are sixth generation sheep farmers in Australia and our ethos is to produce and sell the best quality grass-fed lamb in Western Australia. Moore River Lamb is Dry Aged for superior flavour and tenderness.  Our lambs are humanely handled and they are free of added chemicals making them juicy, tender and flavoursome. Provided directly from our paddocks to your plate!

From Paddock To Plate

Our animals are grown organically on rotationally-grazed grass-dominated pastures without the use of pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or any growth promoting hormone or artificial additives.  Our lamb is grown naturally without grain feeding or feedlot confinement.  The animals at ‘Moore River Lamb’ are humanely handled and they enjoy a stress-free environment.  Being a ‘paddock to plate’ enterprise with a known provenance, our lambs are fully traceable.  We produces a naturally tender product that is vitamin-rich and wonderfully flavoursome.

Grass fed and organically grown Moore River Lamb…An Australian delicacy!